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Get Involved

Get Involved

100 Ways to Get Involved

The Get Involved section lists 100 practical, fun, and innovative ways to become involved in your community and your world. We welcome you to send us your good ideas and ways to become involved in your local community. Write to us at

1. Attend a Rally — There is nothing to make you feel more involved with a cause than attending a rally. Mingling with people who share your ideas and who are working toward a common goal can be truly inspirational.

2. Get Your Coworkers to Vote — This can be as simple as encouraging your coworkers to vote, or you can post flyers in your break room explaining the virtues of voting to the less socially conscious. If you are the boss, give your people some time off to go out and vote. The work will be there when they return.

3. Create an Online Petition — Gone are the days of going door-to-door to get people to sign a petition. With the advent of the Internet, getting people involved is much easier. A few resources include:

4. Volunteer for a Campaign — Running for office requires a lot of work, and a lot of people to help. There are plenty of things you can do to help: hand out literature, host a reception, help with mailings, and more. Just find somebody you like and contact them — they will tell you how you can best help with their efforts.

5. Alert the Media — If you know of something that is not getting the attention it deserves, say something about it. Let the local or national media know — maybe they will surprise you. And contact us; we have a global media database that, if we believe in your cause, we can help you bring awareness to your cause or issue.

6. Host a House Party — Open your home to host a fundraising party for an organization that your admire. These smallgatherings can be ideal for sharing information and getting people involved. The casual setting of a home and the spirit of a party make it less stuffy. For more information check out Meetup, they have information for many cities.

7. Write Letters to Your Elected Official — Tell your elected representatives exactly what you are thinking. For best results, write from the heart, and try a personalized letter, instead of a form letter.

8. Involve Your Family — Getting your family involved with your activities can go a long way to keep you active. Introduce your parents, cousins or children to your favorite organization!

9. Donate / Give Money — There are no shortage of places to donate — find a cause that you agree with and send whatever you can afford. It is easy to do and your donation will go a long way.

10. Speak-Out Online — With a global audience, participating in an online discussion can cause ripple effects for years to come. Find some popular blogs of writers you disagree with, and present a dissenting point of view. There are always two sides to an argument (at a minimum) so get in there and present your view — it will always be there for others to see, and you could help in forming an opinion. Also, you can start a blog at (at no cost) and start writing; the following categories are also great blogging places:

11. Collect Coins for Your Favorite Organization — Hold a coin drive in your school, office, place of worship, club, or other location where lots of people would see the display. Consider using a giant water jug (like from an office watercooler) as the place for people to place their coins. Make sure to paste a poster or banner onto the jug to explain why you are raising money.

12. Organize a Car Wash — Donate the money raised to your favorite organization.

13. Hold a Bake Sale — Have a Bake Sale and donate the proceeds to your favorite organization.

14. Simulate the Walk That Many Africans Have to Make Daily to Fetch Water — Gather several 5 gallon containers and fill them with water. Each participant must carry the filled container without spilling water over a set distance, maybe the length of a soccer field for a shorter distance or 5 miles (8 km) for a longer one. Or learn about World Water Day events at:

15. Make a Sacrifice — Give up soda, coffee, candy, fast-food, or white food for a week. Donate the money you saved to your favorite organization.

16. Set Up a Giving Fair — Host a table at your place of worship or school or community center with fact sheets and signs about your favorite organization. Provide people with an opportunity to learn more and to make a donation.

17. Organize a Yard Sale — Donate the proceeds to your favorite organization.

18. Create and Distribute a Brochure — Make a brochure about your cause and your efforts to raise awareness and money.

19. Make a Public Service Announcement (PSA) — Make a 30-second PSA about your cause and post it on YouTube, and send it to us to feature at BluMail!

20. Make Homemade Crafts or Jewelry — Sell them and donate the proceeds to your favorite organization.

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