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Ad Submission

Sponsorship Placement Submission Guidelines

Sponsorship Placement Policies

  • All sponsorships and member organizations must focus on capacity-building resources and services.
  • BluMail may refuse sponsorship placements using its editorial discretion.
  • All placements must adhere to applicable trademark and copyright laws.
  • The sponsor’s branding (organization name, URL, or logo) must appear on all sponsorship placements.
  • All sponsorship links must open a new window so that audience can easily return to the BluMail site.
  • Any sound or video used within an advertisement must be initiated by the end-user.
  • Ads with white or transparent backgrounds must have a black 1 x 1 pixel border around the edge.

Sponsorship Placement Restrictions

  • Blind downloads are not permitted.
  • Browser manipulation is not permitted.
  • Keystroke tracking is not permitted.
  • Pornographic or offensive content is not permitted, and this determination is at the discretion of the Blumail editorial committee.
  • Any third-party cookies that are used to track or manage user behavior must be set outside of the domain.

How to Submit a Sponsorship Placement

Please submit all advertising items to, and include the official Insertion Order that includes the following information. (Note: Your order may be delayed if any of the required information is missing.)

  • Organization name
  • Campaign start and end dates
  • Each placement element as an individual file
  • If ad contains Flash, also submit alternate static image files
  • Click-through URL destination(s)
  • If ad is served by a third-party website — submit the URL (if applicable)
  • If ad is served by a third-party website — submit the password (if applicable)
  • Detailed instructions for any third-party served tracking devices used (if applicable)
  • Any additional specific instructions or requests

Deadlines / Lead Times

All deadline periods are defined as business days prior to launch date.

  • Image (gif or jpeg) — 2 Business Days
  • Flash or Rich Media — 5 Business Days

Terms and Conditions

Please view our Terms and Conditions for BluMail Sponsorship Placements, and our Insertion Order.

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