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Now you can reach those who are new to the Internet in developing economies, and those who seek a socially-responsible and globally-aware e-mail and content portal.

The BluMail Brand

BluMail is a new free e-mail and content portal for those who are gaining access to the Internet in emerging economies, and for those who are socially responsible in any country. The point of BluMail is to offer content that can make a difference in someone’s life, rather than focus on entertainment, news, sports, music, or celebrity content typically found on e-mail and social networking portals. In doing so, we align with corporations, organizations, and individuals who seek the betterment and engagement of humankind everywhere.

Our Sponsors

We welcome the sponsorship of socially and economically responsible corporations and organizations with a passion to build a better world in emerging economies. All sponsorship, and featured organizations must focus on capacity-building resources and services. We provide discounted sponsorship rates for nonprofit organizations everywhere and for businesses located in emerging economies.


BluMail will be promoted by a coalition of global nonprofit and United Nations organizations; through two global e-mail campaigns: Did You Know? and Tell 10 Friends; and through traditional and new media exposure. Over time, we expect to grow from several thousand to several million users.


Our target audience are young adults, men and women in developing economies who will be gaining access to the Internet for the first time from now until 2015; and youth in developed economies who seek to make a difference in, and connect with others in our world. Of course, anyone with an interest in BluMail is welcome to join us.

3 Responses to Sponsor Us

  1. catherine says:

    please sponsor us..i have a group named swagalicious and we are on a mission to become famous but we first need a company that can sponsor us so that we can pay for our auditions and lessons…We are a group that is trying to make the world of singing and dancing a better place

  2. kammoun nassib says:

    je suis journaliste je voudrais integre votre equipe de redaction

  3. ALI KORDI says:

    سایت شما بسیار جالب است من بعنوان یک کار آفرین برتر بسیار علاقه مندم با شما همکاری کنم در تمایل میتوانم رزومه خودم را ایمیل کنم

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