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Protecting Your Email Account

Policies and procedures have been established to ensure the legitimacy of users seeking to sign up for BluMail email accounts as well as to protect you from unauthorized and fraudulent access to your email account, to block bots and other entities from breaking user password and to deter email scams:

BluMail has created an email account registration process to ensure it is a human and not a machine creating an account. BluMail ensures certain qualifications are met before allowing someone to create an email account including requiring acceptance of Terms of Use; email account verification; double typing of password and installing a visual scrambled CAPTCHA box at registration to ensures that a real person is logging in to an email account. Your BluMail account will also reveal if your email account is open at another location by your revealing account sign-in history and current logged-on session status such IP address and the mode: Browser, Mobile, POP3, etc., allowing a user to immediately shutdown these sessions. BluMail supports anti-phishing technologies by having an unknown sender have the message authenticated by DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) verification. If the incoming email fails this authentication, it will not go to your inbox. BluMail relies on Google’s auto-responsive anti-abuse control that flags potential abuse by suspending the account and suspending access if someone tries unsuccessfully to log on repeatedly to an account. BluMail will deploy additional and state-of-the-art security measures, as needed.

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