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How to Guides

Youth: How to Guides

Educational Websites

  1. AIDS.ORG AIDS.ORG provides education about HIV and AIDS and facilitates the free and open exchange of knowledge at an easy-to-find centralized website. The mission of AIDS.ORG is to help prevent HIV infections and to improve the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS.
  2. Teen Relationships Learn if your relationship is healthy or abusive. Take a quiz, learn about how to develop good friends and romantic involvements.
  3. Global Youth Action Network This website facilitates youth participation and intergenerational partnerships in global decision-making, supports collaboration among diverse youth organizations; and provides tools, resources, and recognition for positive youth action.


  1. Bricks and Books.
    Here is a website that will show you things you can do to volunteer from your home, such as becoming a pen pal or joining an action group.
  2. Texting While Driving. Learn about the dangers of texting while driving. This is a growing problem around the world and a major danger for youth. See this site for more information.
  3. My Hero. Find real life mentors and heroes. Watch videos and examples of lives that make a difference.  You can find examples of heroes here. Learn how to be a leader by viewing others.
  4. Learn about your digital footprint . Everything you do on the Internet remains available to the rest of the world to see. Learn here how to make your “footprint” one that helps you not harms you.
  5. A list of hundreds of Youth Organizations on Wikipedia.  Browse this list to find organizations that may interest you.
  6. Learn how to apply gratitude to your life. Join the Gratitude Project at this website.
  7. Dress for Success. Learn how to dress and act when looking for a job.
  8. Women Leaders Throughout History. greater numbers of women are rising to leadership positions. Learn about women leaders here.

Self Paced Learning Modules

  1. Program computers and write code in HTML.See
  2. This Google page offers tutorials in all kinds of computer programming. Teach yourself how to not only use, but to create things and program.
  3. Learn how to speak and write a new language. At this site: you can begin learning a new language in only a few minutes a day.
  4. Take liberal arts courses without having to pay tuition. Improve yourself and your knowledge about the world. Take art courses and learn about artists at Art is a universal language.
  5. Persistence and Learning from Mistakes. A series of lectures can be viewed here:
  6. Learn about love and what makes romantic relationships, why choose marriage. View this lecture series as though you are in a classroom.
  7. How to live a good life: morality, choices and values. See lectures here to teach yourself how to have the best life.


  1. strong>Leadership Training. This tutorial provides an ebook as well as online slides for self paced leadership training.
  2. Communication Skills for Personal and Professional growth. Learn how to communicate effectively with these challenges and workbook through guided study.

Forums, Places Where Youth Can Ask Questions and Discuss Topics About Youth

  1. Teen Hut, an online forum where teens can access teens around the world including image viewing, posting and private messaging. Gain access to our unique profile system and other social networking features. Post your own photos in the gallery or view other user submitted images. Unlimited Blogging, writing and commenting.
  2. Teen Forumz, help and advice through moderated question and answer threads on all issues of a serious nature to teens and youth.
  3. For Teens by Teens A community of Teens providing answers to questions about sexuality, drugs, relationships, spirituality etc.
  4. Big Boards Topic Teens: These forums come in many different languages and address topics for all religions, politics and teen trends.
  5. Cool Teens, a place to start discussions, play games and take quizzes. A virtual clubhouse that is focused more on socialization than serious discussion.
  6. Go Live Wire, Peer support, and peer answers on everything from relationships to education and school concerns.
  7. Go Teen Net. This has been around for a long time, so it has a lot of discussions and many people who check in regularly to discuss anything of interest to teens and youth.
  8. Global Teen Talk, Teens from all the over the world carry on discussions.
  9. Teen Chat, A place for teens to live chat about topics.
  10. Rouseindiahouse, an International forum site for teens. Topics are listed and easily searchable


“Dream Vision Life 2.0, Sarah Matberg” talks about what to do to be successful in life.”
“Youth around the world share many of the same questions about growing up. Reach out across the globe to connect and find answers.
“Youth around the world share many of the same questions about growing up. Reach out across the globe to connect and find answers."
“You have something to say to inspire youth throughout the world. Don’t be shy, speak your mind.”
“You have something to say to inspire youth throughout the world. Don’t be shy, speak your mind.”
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