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Did You Know?

Health: Did You Know?

This module covers health topics and issues that help bring awareness about disease prevention and causes. You’ll learn facts about the diseases that most affect people in our world, and you will gain knowledge about ways in which you can keep yourself and your children healthy through simple practices. Discover what regions around the world are doing to combat health issues, and be inspired by the stories of people who have worked to improve health issues and fight global diseases.

Health issues affect every human being in the world. Your everyday actions and decisions you make affect your health. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the job you do , the water you drink, and the area of the world in which you live all impacts your health and risk for disease. Environmental factors indirectly impact the health of people, including droughts, flooding, and natural disasters because they can spread disease or impede people from receiving proper medical care.

The health of humans around the globe is of utmost importance, and taking care of health issues can alleviate much of the world’s problems through simple measures. Much disease is spread through unsanitary conditions, consuming dirty water, not eating nutritious foods, and not exercising. People can take simple steps to create a healthier lifestyle by eating a nutritious diet, washing their hands often, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and getting regular exercise. Access to resources and information can help bring awareness and preventive strategies to help combat disease. It is important to take all necessary steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease.

Communities around the globe tackle health issues in a variety of ways. Herbal remedies and traditional medicine are common practices within Africa and Asia. These traditional methods offer holistic treatments to disease and infection by tackling mental and external factors to bring the natural balance back to the human system.

Balance is the key to sustainable health. Too much sugar, salts, stress, and bacteria can negatively impact your health. Neglecting to visit the doctor or getting an inadequate amount of sleep can also put your health at risk. Quite often, bad habits are the main causes of health problems later in life. However, making small changes in habits and educating yourself about keeping healthy are sure ways in which you can lower your risk of disease and infection. Although it is inevitable that humans will get sick a few times in their lives, our fate often rests in our own hands. Keeping healthy and bringing awareness about disease is the only way in which we can combat disease and help others do the same.

25 Basic Facts:

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  1. Approximately 10 million children die each year. All of them are under five years old.
  2. The leading causes of death in the world are cardiovascular diseases which include heart attacks and stroke.
  3. More than 80% of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented by eating healthy, exercising daily, and avoiding tobacco.
  4. The leading cause of adult death in Africa is HIV/AIDS.
  5. The increase in the number of older people in the world contributes to the increase of cancer and heart diseases.
  6. Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the world.
  7. Smoking causes about 80% of lung cancers in the world.
  8. 15% of women’s deaths is caused by complications related to pregnancy.
  9. More than 120 million people in the world are affected by depression.
  10. Hearing loss, vision problems, and mental disorders are the leading causes for disabilities.
  11. Over 3,500 people die in road crashes a day.
  12. 30% of children under the age of five worldwide die due to malnutrition.
  13. Approximately 20 million children worldwide are severely malnourished.
  14. There are more than 1 billion overweight adults in the world.
  15. Worldwide, at least 300 million adults are clinically obese.
  16. Diabetes is named the cause of approximately 3 million deaths a year worldwide.
  17. Approximately 60% of people with HIV/AIDS live in Africa.
  18. Malaria is the cause of 500,000 deaths per year.
  19. Polio is almost completely eradicated in Africa.
  20. In 2005, 1.8 million people in the world died from diarrheal diseases alone.
  21. Four out of five people in African and Asian countries use traditional medicine for primary health care.
  22. Herbal treatments are among the most common forms of traditional medicine.
  23. 80% of people with cholera can recover successfully through treatment by oral rehydration salts.
  24. Nearly 90% epileptic people live in developing regions.
  25. The influenza vaccine can prevent 70% to 90% of influenza-specific illness for healthy adults.


As Haiti struggles with a cholera epidemic, treatments are being offered to help those suffering from the disease.
Eat your veggies! More than 80% of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented by eating healthy foods.
Eat your veggies! More than 80% of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented by eating healthy foods.
Think before you eat fast food. Over 1 billion adults in the world are overweight due to poor diet choices.
Think before you eat fast food. Over 1 billion adults in the world are overweight due to poor diet choices.
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