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During Saddam Hussein’s regime, Nazar Joodi was arrested and accused of exchanging foreign currency. His right hand was cut off during his imprisonment. After Saddam’s fall, Joodi was brought to America to have a prosthetic hand fitted for him. Soon after he was brought to Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and White House and shown as a graphic example that invading the country and ousting Hussein had been the right thing to do.

In 2006, Iraqi insurgents accused Joodi of being an American sympathizer and threatened his life. Joodi, his wife and four children went into hiding in Iraq and finally arrived as refugees in the United States in March 2008. Fast-forward since then and Nazar's life is heart breaking.

The family receives Medicaid, and food stamps, and really has no other means on which to survive. They have placed themselves on a list to be placed in a homeless shelter.

Nazar's pants are clearly too big for him as evidence of the weight he has lost from stress. His wife said bluntly that they both have considered suicide, and their children are not oblivious to the profound problems they face.

Mr. Joodi is now mocked in Iraq as a “friend of Bush” who has nothing in the United States and will be killed if he returns to Iraq.

The family needs a minivan donated to them; Mr. Joodi needs a job anywhere in the Washington, DC metropolitan area; and they need immediate donations to help them through their difficult time.

He is clearly highly intelligent, can speak but is not fluent in English and can only use his left hand but necessity remains the mother of invention. There has to be work that Nazar can do. If there is any job for Nazar that come to mind, please contact him. Mr. Joodi is also seeking donations to pay their rent and feed themselves.

Nazar and the two eldest daughters Shayma and Furqan, aged 16, can all work and have their green cards. As legal residents, they are very hard workers and eager to work.

This is a family in deep need with no remaining options.

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