Free email accounts, educational content, networking, story sharing, employment leads, buy/sell, mentoring, donation, volunteering and activism opportunities for those with a global mindset and caring. We are an alliance of global non-profit and United Nations organizations.




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We are building a coalition of 100 nonprofit and United Nations organizations, technology firms, and foundations from developed and developing countries to grow BluMail into a global e-mail and content portal.

If you are interested to join as a founding member organization, send us information on the organization along with a request to join.

Member organizations are featured at the BluMail website and in alerts, drive the growth and development of BluMail, benefit from reduced advertising sponsorship rates, and given access to over 100 like-minded organizations.

Organizations sign an MOU agreeing to (a) participate in quarterly conference calls on one of the committees listed below; (b) inform their members about BluMail; and (c) place a link to BluMail at the organization’s website.

  • Activism Committee
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education Committee
  • Entrepreneurship Committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Humanitarian Relief Committee
  • Religious Understanding Committee
  • Women’s Empowerment Committee
  • Youth Empowerment Committee

Member organizations serve on at least one topic committee. Committees appoint chair and vice-chairs for the committee for two-year terms.

If your organization is interested in joining Blumail — please contact us.

Support for BluMail

“Blumail has potential in three important areas. For users in developing nations, it provides information about the organizations and resources available to positively change the course of their lives. For nonprofits, it will offer a channel for educating the public about projects and initiatives. We also believe that socially conscious individuals will migrate their personal e-mail accounts to BluMail, and that it will foster a community of like-minded individuals and organizations. We are very excited to be part of the pilot program.”

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