Free email accounts, educational content, networking, story sharing, employment leads, buy/sell, mentoring, donation, volunteering and activism opportunities for those with a global mindset and caring. We are an alliance of global non-profit and United Nations organizations.




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BluMail provides global e-mail accounts, educational content, employment needs, entrepreneurship, networking, story / experience sharing, mentoring and volunteering opportunities to youth and others who are coming online in developing countries.

We provide “make-a-difference content” on activism, conflict resolution, education, entrepreneurship, environment, health, human rights, humanitarian relief, news from around the world, religious understanding, women’s empowerment, youth empowerment, and other areas that educate and inform, not just entertain.

Giving your opinion at What Do YOU Think? and “telling the story” by writing a short story about yourself or a long memoir about your life are also strong components of BluMail.

We also encourage local community involvement, volunteering, donations, and will soon have offer job posting and finding, product buying a selling, and mentoring opportunities.

In sum, we have created a place for youth around the world to gather, to learn, to earn, to become involved, to be inspired, to share, and to become global citizens.

The Need for BluMail

Unfortunately, as use of the Internet spreads to developing countries, an alarming trend is emerging: searches for entertainment, celebrities, train schedules, cell phone ring tones, and sports information far surpass searches for education, business, government, health, or human rights content.

The Market for BluMail

As millions gain Internet access in the next decade, the opportunity to educate and inform is unprecedented.

  • North America — 71%
  • Oceania/Australia — 67%
  • Europe — 43%
  • Latin America — 22%
  • World Average — 20%
  • Middle East — 17%
  • Asia — 14%
  • Africa — 4%

As of December 2007, from the International Telecommunications Union. For world Internet access projections by 2015 and 2030, please visit here.

The Imperative

It is undeniable that millions in developing countries will gain access to the Internet for the first time in the next one to five years. Our e-mail portal will provide make-a-difference content each time someone in a developing country checks her or his e-mail account, also creating unprecedented “stickiness.”

The Answer

Invited UN and global nonprofit organizations will encourage their constituencies to register for a free e-mail account through BluMail. The intent is to provide information that will make a difference in the user’s educational, economic, cultural, and personal development — every time they visit BluMail.

The Content

Simple, easy-to-understand content focuses on activism and volunteering; conflict resolution; exposure to a diversity of global news sources; entrepreneurship; environmental understanding; promotion of healthy lifestyles including AIDS, malaria prevention, and mental health; human rights; religious understanding; women’s empowerment; and youth leadership development and empowerment.

The Unique Difference

The UN and NGO system creates thousands of Internet pages, and yet it is difficult to attract people to a specific UN website and even more difficult to have them return to these websites.

BluMail will bring millions of users to this content portal website every time they check their e-mail, thus offering unprecedented “stickiness” both in terms of having visitors return to the site and/or spend long periods of time on the site.

The Impact

UN organizations and NGOs can guide youth, men, and women to valuable content that can make a difference, rather than hoping that the individual knows where to find this compelling and make-a-difference information on the Internet. In sum, we present useful content each time someone in a developing country checks his or her e-mail.

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